Welcome to India Market

India Market has always strived to keep the high standards of expectation of our esteemed customers and ensure that each store maintains quality, variety and savings for customer.

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India Market

1000 Boston Turnpike, Olde Shrewsbury Village
Shopping Center, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
E-mail: info@indiamarket.co

Have Questions ? Call us (508)-925-5427

Fruits & Vegs

All our stores are designed spaciously to enable customer to move around freely and ensure a comfortable shopping experience.

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Grocery & Spices

India Market offer you value priced alternative to the leading national brands with our exlusive brands in all categories with good quality.

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Frozen Food

We are proud to offer at all our locations a variety of products of the highest quality at low prices and we provide good quality. provide good quality.

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Halal Meat

Halal meat is even more hygienic & best quality of products with a wide range of fresh tender meat serving all new England.

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